So, Why LOSURS Anyway?

Written by Mark Humphreys

Well, acronym creation is a funny thing...

We wanted a name that would be clever as well as tell people who we are. Originally, we worked around LUG (Linux User Group), but Regina didn't lend itself to those letters very easily. So, we came up with a few other possible acronyms that would be clever, then sat down with a dictionary to find words to fit the acronyms.

Well, we didn't really have much success with that, so we forgot about it for a while. Then at the next PCUG meeting, I showed Scott what I had come up with: "LOSUR". It was adopted with an "S" and we dubbed ourselves the Linux Operating System Users of Regina, Saskatchewan.

So, if you need a clever acronym, give yourself time; the creative process should not be rushed.

As of June 11th, 1999, LOSURS now stands for "Linux/Open Source Users of Regina, Sask." The change was made to reflect the fact that several of our members run other open source operating systems such as FreeBSD and OpenBSD, and also that we are expanding our focus to open source software in general, and not just Linux.