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[Penguin with a straw hat] Welcome! You have reached the home of the Linux/Open Source Users of Regina, Saskatchewan (LOSURS) Inc. LOSURS is a users' group for users of Linux and open source open source operating systems, including FreeBSD and GNU HURD. For more information about our organization and its purpose, or about Linux in general, you may wish to browse through the About section.

Upcoming Activities

The next regular meeting will take place on the evening of Wednesday, 13 December 2023, at 7:30. These meetings are open to everybody, not just LOSURS members. However, if you are interested in becoming a member, all you have to do is fill out our brief membership form. Membership is currently free, and entitles you to several benefits. If you'd like to help out with any aspect of the group, feel free to contact us.

Learning More

For people looking to learn more about Linux, we have a growing documentation section. In addition to a complete mirror of the Linux Documentation Project, this section includes a variety of local documentation, including a selection of tips and handy tidbits of information.

For those of you elsewhere in Saskatchewan, you may wish to check out SaskLinux, which functions as something of an "umbrella" group for the province. If they don't have a group listed for your community, come on back and join LOSURS (or form your own LUG!).

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