Online Documentation

Local Documentation

The documentation produced by our local LOSURS members has been divided up into two categories:

These are brief tips that could come in handy, or tricks to get more out of your system.
Articles and Documents
These are longer articles on various subjects. Some describe how the author accomplished something, others simply present an opinion or explanation about something in the Open Source world. Some of these documents are actually a part of the Linux Documentation Project (LDP).

Books and Other Written Material

LOSURS Library
LOSURS maintains a small library of books and other items related to Linux and other Open Source software. Feel free to browse what we have available. The items in our library are available to be borrowed by any LOSURS member.
Book Reviews
Our members have also written reviews of a few books on Linux and related topics. Be sure to check them out! Some of the books reviewed may also be a part of our library.

Mirrored Documentation

We also include a local copy of a large quantity of other useful documentation produced by other members of the Linux community.

Linux Documentation Project
The LDP is best known for its massive collection of HOWTO documents, but also includes an impressive array of other works, such as the Linux Network Administrators' Guide.

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