Mailing List Information

The LOSURS mailing lists form an active and vibrant part of the LOSURS community. To keep things organized, we have several mailing lists, each with its own specific focus. This allows members who aren't interested in certain types of traffic (job offers, for example) to chose not to subscribe to that list.

Members can subscribe to and unsubscribe from the lists, as well as update their preferences. More information about our mailing lists can be found in the LOSURS Mailing List FAQ.

members - Entire Membership   (741 members)
Messages sent to this list go to the entire LOSURS membership. In general, this list should be reserved for important announcements of interest to the majority of LOSURS members.
q&a - Technical Questions & Answers   (457 subscriptions)
If you have a problem or something you're unsure of, post it here, and the rest of the group will do their best to help. This is a reasonably high volume list.
discuss - Discussion of Linux and Open Source   (449 subscriptions)
If you see something interesting that you think people should know about, or you're interested in people's opinions about something, post here. Basically, anything that's on topic, but isn't a technical problem that needs solving, goes here.
buysell - Buy/Sell   (482 subscriptions)
This list is for people who are wanting to sell something (such as old hardware), and for people who are looking to buy something. This list is not for commercial advertising.
jobs - Jobs (Seeking and Offering)   (154 subscriptions)
This list is for people both seeking and offering jobs in Linux-related or other technical fields. For a variety of privacy-related reasons, interested parties should of course respond directly to the poster, rather than to the entire list.
prog - Programming Q&A   (182 subscriptions)
In the interests of encouraging more open source developers, questions related to programming in any environment (web, shell, etc.) and any language (C, Perl, PHP, etc.) can be asked here. More general questions, of course, can go to the main Q&A list.
games - Linux Gaming   (80 subscriptions)
Here you can discuss issues related to gaming on Linux, as well as organise network games (Linux-friendly games only, please!).
meta - Discussion about LOSURS itself   (54 subscriptions)
This list is for discussion of the LOSURS group: the way things work, where it should go in the future, etc.
advocacy - Advocacy Working Group   (60 subscriptions)
Advocacy Working Group mailing list. Subscribing to this mailing list indicates a willingness to get involved in our advocacy and promotional activities, such as demo days, informational booths, and installfests. It will also include a hypothetical future Expo.
websitegroup - Web Site Working Group   (26 subscriptions)
Web Site Working Group's mailing list. Subscribing to this mailing list indicates a willingness to contribute content or code to the LOSURS web site.
offtopic - ``Off-Topic'' General Discussion   (110 subscriptions)
If it's something that doesn't really fall within the scope of LOSURS (e.g., not directly related to Linux, open source, etc.), then put it here, as long as it's possibly of general interest and not flame-bait or troll-food :-).
test - Test List   (16 subscriptions)
I use this list for testing purposes only. You probably don't want to subscribe to it.

All members receive messages posted to the members list. All new members start out subscribed to the q&a and discuss lists.