Linux Retailers in Regina

This page is rather dated. Please let the web team know if you have more current information.

These Regina retailers sell, and possibly support, Linux and/or Linux software products. Give them your money! <g>

Staples Business Depot
Phone: 791-7790
Address: 2640 Quance St E
Future Shop
Phone: 791-4000
Address: 921 Albert St
Office Depot
Phone: 347-0908
Address: 1275 Albert St
Costco Wholesale
Phone: 789-2646
Address: 665 University Park Dr
H&W Enterprises
Phone: 543-7250
E-mail: h&w@wunsch.org

If your store sells Linux products, or you've seen Linux products in a store not on this list, please contact the webmaster and get it added to this list. I know that there are plenty more in the city!

Please note that this list is provided for informational purposes only, and that LOSURS does not specifically endorse any of these retailers.